The Global Compact Network Singapore advances the UNGC initiative and its 10 principles at the country level. We help companies understand what responsible business means within different national, cultural and language contexts and facilitate capacity building, outreach, learning, thought leadership and partnerships.

Our flagship event, the International CSR Summit by the Global Compact Network Singapore, is a gathering that includes business leaders, government officials, CSR practitioners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics, union and civil society leaders. Spanning over two days, it is an exchange of focused analysis and dialogue on the latest in the world of CSR. Find more details here.

We offer training workshops to build companies’ capacity in adopting corporate responsibility principles in their business strategy and practices. The programmes are offered in a range of areas such as sustainability reporting, supply chain management, ISO 26000, measuring and reporting organisational carbon footprint and more. More information on our training programmes can be found here.

At Global Compact, we understand the rich value that idea exchanges have. We organise Quarterly Sharing and Networking events, learning journeys and seminars that give our members opportunities to network and exchange ideas with likeminded CSR leaders and practitioners. If you are keen to attend or partner with us for a networking event, please contact us for more details.

We conduct research to provide thought leadership in the areas of CSR and sustainability and also document best practices in CSR. These are a free resource and are available on our website for downloading.

It is our endeavour to make available to those interested in gaining more knowledge about CSR to be able to do so with utmost ease. We also host a resource micro-site, ‘Enabling CSR Journeys’, which serves as an online repository of CSR-related information and case studies of companies practicing and doing well in their CSR journeys.

While the Compact is an independent, self-governed and self-managed entity, we work closely with the UN Global Compact in New York and act as a point of contact for UN Global Compact signatories in a country.